Naan Oven Training Video by Spinning Grillers- UL/NSF certified

This is a quick training video on how to make Garlic Naan- Please note you start by using the Spinning Grillers Roller which has the settings for Naan and Roti programmed. You roll the dough then Stretch by hand for few seconds. Apply the butter and garlic to the dough. Add little cilantro then place the dough on your Pita Oven/ Naan Oven. After one rotation less than 30 seconds your naan is ready. To get more color you can turn it and put it back for an extra 5 seconds.


  • Roll out the dough
  • Add the garlic and butter
  • Put it on the Naan Oven for 30 seconds.
  • If more color is needed turn it and put it back for 5 seconds.

This  Naan Pita Oven is easy to use. Make sure to buy the oven with the special dough roller as it is altered to offer you rolling for Naan, Roti, Pratha and many more.

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