Electric Shawarma Knives

  • Shawarma Knife- Power Adaptor

    Spinning Grillers

    Shawarma Knife- Power Adapter

    Heavy Duty Commercial Shawarma Knife-Electric  Power Adapter 15V Outpit 9A -90W Work only with model number SG-500EK. 110V This is a power adapter for Shawarma Knife model number SG-500EK. It replaces the original adapter

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  • Shawarma Knife Blade Screw

    Spinning Grillers

    Shawarma Knife Blade Screw

    Shawarma Knife Center Blade Screw This screw is made from Stainless Steel and is used to hold your blade in your knife. Works wih ShawarmaKnife SG-500EK only Made from Stainless Steel.

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  • Belt for Shawarma Knife

    Spinning Grillers

    Shawarma Knife Belt

    Shawarma Knife Belt This belt is made by 3M for ShawarmaKnife. Works wih ShawarmaKnife SG-500EK only Rubber Belt.

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  • Shawarma Knife

    Spinning Grillers

    Saw Blade 4.5"

    4.5-Inch Saw Blade This is a saw blade is performs good in cutting tough pieces of meat such as Beef Shawarma. German Stainless Steel Saw Blade 4.5 " in Diameter Fits Shawarma Knife SG500EK

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  • Shawarma Knife1

    Spinning Grillers

    Motor and Housing Replacment for Shawarma Knife

    This assembly includes both the motor and housing for the Shawarma knife. If your exiting motor has burned out you can use this original brand new motor and housing. 

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