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Spinning Grillers

The Leading Manufacturer Of Commercial Shawarma Machines

Spinning Grillers™ was first launched as a residential Shawarma machine company. It was the Spinning Grillers 5 in 1 Vertical Broiler that put Spinning Grillers™ on the map! Due to an increased demand and custom requests from many Middle Eastern restaurant owners, Spinning Grillers™ started producing Shawarma machines for commercial use. Now Spinning Grillers™ Shawarma machines are becoming a staple in Middle Eastern Restaurants. We not only specialize in Shawarma machines, Doner machines, Gyro machines and Tacos al Pastor grills but in Hummus blenders, Pita ovens and Saj Bread makers. Based in Valley Cottage, NY Spinning Grillers™ became the leading producer for residential and commercial vertical broilers across the United States and worldwide. With Spinning Grillers vertical broilers you can make Chicken Shawarma, Turkey Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, Lamb Shawarma, Gyros, Doner Kabob and Tacos al Pastor.

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Saj Bread ( Traditional Arabic Style Flat Bread)

Saj Bread ( Traditional Arabic Style Flat Bread) Saj is a popular version of Flat bread, wildly popular in levantine countries.


Zaatar And Cheese Saj Bread

Zaatar And Cheese Saj Bread Saj is a Traditional way of baking flatbread using the saj machine, it is a slightly round surface open face machine used in Middleastern.


Lahm Bi Ajin

LLahm bi Ajin - Middle Eastern Meat Pies RecipeLahm bi Ajin translates to meat with dough. It is a thinly rolled-out dough topped off with the combination of beef or lamb.

Customer Reviews


Arnold Calvin

star rating

I recently purchased Hummus Blender. It's amazing product, very easy to operate .. Ultimate Durability. Great tool for small to medium size restaurants.


Gregg Jones

star rating

I bought Shawarma Machine from Spinning Grillers . Great product with amazing results! Machine is very easy to assemble and use. Extremely happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it to everyone.


Christian Bazin

star rating

Finally a home shawarma machine , great heat , i wish that the base of the pole was wider but over all it serve its purpose..


Hazem Almaliti

star rating

They are the most kind people they are very nice helpful staff very helpful owner he’s so nice very respectful I really if they have more then 5 stars I will give them more they deserve it I am so glad I met the owner.


Hasan Diab

star rating

I run a very busy restaurant, we tried so many shawarma machines in the past 9 years. Nothing compares to Spinning Grillers. Very durable, and very strong heat. Puts any other machine to shame.


Giovanni Cerini

star rating

Very impressed with the quality. The non slip handle makes working with it great. Love it! Worth every penny and far better than the ones found elsewhere.

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