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AutoFalafel®- Full Automatic Falafel Machine by Spinning Grillers

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120.00 LBS


$285.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

AutoFalafel®- Full Automatic Falafel Machine by Spinning Grillers

Full Automatic Falafel Machine

  • This AutoFalafel® can be used with any fryer to make the perfect Falafel. It produces two Falafels balls per turn thus 120 Falafel balls per minute. This AutoFalafel® can make Falafel ball making a breeze. It is fast and efficient. You can set the number of balls needed and leave it do it's thing. After the required amount is complete the machine will stop.
  • Productivity – Generates 120 Falafel Balls per minute. You can choose the number of Falafel needed.
  • Universal- Works with any fryer. You can use this AutoFalafel® with any fryer. It can be put on the right hand side of the fryer- left hand side of a fryer or even adapt to an oil pot on top of a range. Your Own Fryer-
  • Use your own fryer thus save of space. This AutoFalafel® can be used with any type of fryer. 
  • Easy of Cleaning- All parts are made out of 304 Stainless Steel and are removable for easy of cleaning.
  • Simple Operation- This automatic Falafel machine is very simple to use. Power the machine and simply with a press of a button you are making falafel balls.
  • This machine is built to NSF/ANSI Standard 4 but not certified.  Power: 110V


Technical Data:

  • Motor 400 Watts
  • Length 27 inches, 11 ¼ inches depth, 20 3/8 inches height.
  • Falafel Size is 4cm x 1.5cm 
  • Digital Control
  • 110V-60Hrtz 5 Amps
  • U.S. Plug UL Listed.
  • Unit Weight 55LBS
  • One Year Parts Warranty.
  • 110V-220V Motor