Pita Oven

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Pita Oven saves you both time and money while expanding your restaurant marketability with the use of Pita Oven. Start making fresh baked bread with this cost efficient way. Spinning Grillers Pita bread oven offers freshly baked bread on your premises and has a proven track record in the restaurant industry. Use it to make naan bread, roti, tandoori bread, and Mexican tortillas. You can even make Zatar pies and pizza as well!

Pita Oven Generation II is released; our Pita Oven can make up to 360 pitas an hour. It is versatile and easy to use. Our PitaOven offers the user an extended space taking the ease of use into consideration.

At Spinning Grillers we do offer two sizes of the Pita Oven a small and a large. We can also custom design your oven to your specifications.