25th Apr 2022

Soft Golden Brown Pita Bread Using Pita Oven

Soft & Fluffy Golden Brown Pita Bread Using Spinning Griller Pita30 Oven

Spinning Grillers Golden Brown Pita Bread using Pita30. This Pita Oven not only cooks Pita but Naan as well as any flat breads. Making Pita Bread or Flat Bread got a lot easier with Spinning Grillers Pita30 Oven. In this video you can see how to make Pita Bread. Very simple and easy way to make Pita Bread in your restaurant while your customers watch and see the hot bread rotating. make Pita Bread, Naan, Roti and many flat breads while your customer watch and smell the beautiful aroma.

All Ovens Are Ul/nsf Certified.