Spinning Grillers Parsley Chopping Machine | Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

INTRODUCING Spinning Grillers New PARSLEY MACHINE - it can chop Parsley in seconds. This machine can be used to fine chop or coarse chop parsley. It simulates cutting by hand. The customer will never know your parsley was cut by a machine. It comes with a belt and a cutter.

How to Use: We start by placing parsley on the belt and switching on the machine. The belt starts moving and the cutter starts to chop. If you want very fine chopped parsley all you need to do is place the chopped parsley on the belt again. This machine can chop from very fine to very coarse; it not only chops parsley/cilantro but slices scallions, lettuce for a Cesar Salad and anything in between. For more information Call us: 877-575-6690

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