4th Jan 2020

Make Falafel Fast with SG AutoFalafel Machine

AutoFalafel By Spinning Grillers- Make Falafel Fast ماكينة تشكيل وقلي الفلافل

In this video, we are going to show you how to use AutoFalafel - An Automatic Falafel Machine. The machine works with any fryer, here we are using American Blaze which works the best with our machine. AutoFalafel can be put on the right-hand side of the fryer or left-hand side of a fryer. We have customized the machine using swivel to easily rotate it to the top of the fryer.

The upper is filled with the falafel mix, add the number of falafel required and we are ready to go. It is fast and makes falafel like a breeze. It produces two Falafels balls per turn thus 120 Falafel balls per minute.