2nd Feb 2018

Know About Our Pita Bread/ Naan Bread Ovens

Pita Oven by Spinning Grillers- Pita Oven- Naan Bread Oven!

Are you looking to make the Pita Bread at your restaurant? Are you still offering your customers cold store bought Pita Bread? The solution is very simple. Many Fast Casual Restaurants have adopted this strategy to make the restaurants more marketable and more competitive. Call us toll free: 877-575-6690

Our Pita Oven or Naan Bread Oven is very versatile. At Spinning Grillers we offer two sizes of the Pita Oven/ Naan Bread Oven. The Medium Pita Oven can produce 600 Pita Bread in an hour while the large Pita Bread Oven can make up to 1400 pitas per hour.

Here are few things you could know about our Pita Bread/ Naan Bread Ovens:

UL/NSF Certified

The user has full control on the speed of the rotation.

The disk is accessible to place your dough up to 12 inches without using a peel.

The user can control the level of the heat on all burners.

Parts and Service Department in New York.

Visit our website at www.SpinningGrillers.com for full Specs and sizes about our Pita Oven / Naan Bread Oven.