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Kunafet Bain Marie- Electric NSF

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300.00 LBS


$280.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Kunafet Bain Marie- Electric NSF


Looking for a reliable and efficient way to keep your Kunafet (Knafet, kunafat) warm and delicious for hours? Look no further than our specialty designed Bain Marie!


Our Bain Marie is specifically designed to keep your Kunafet at the perfect temperature for serving, ensuring that your customers are always satisfied with every bite. With its precise temperature control and efficient heating system, our Bain Marie is the perfect addition to any kitchen, bakery or sweet chop.


Made from high-quality Stainless Steel and built to last, our Bain Marie is both durable and easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for busy kitchens and restaurants. And with its sleek and modern design, it will complement the décor of you Kunafet Oven.


So why wait? Upgrade your kitchen today and start keeping your kunafet warm and delicious with our top-quality Bain Marie!


  The KN-RLG60BM Kunafet Bain Marie: 

  • Fits Large 65cm/24inches Plate.
  • Electrical - 220V Single Phase. 
  • Easy to Operate.


Technical Data:

  • Dimensions:  24" Length X 24" Width x 11" Height.
  • 220V Single Phase 6-20P Plug.
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 4 NSF Certified.