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Kunafet Machine 60"- Kenafet Oven 7 Burners

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300.00 LBS


$340.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Kunafet Machine 60"- Kenafet Oven 7 Burners

Kunafet, also known as Kenafet, is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with thin, shredded phyllo dough or ground phyllo dough, and soaked in sweet, syrup-like syrup. It is often filled with a mixture of cheese or nuts, and is a popular treat throughout the region.

The origins of Kunafet can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire, where it was a popular dessert in the palace kitchens. Today, it is enjoyed in countries across the Middle East, including Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan. It is often served as a special treat during celebrations and holidays and is a staple at Middle Eastern sweet shops and pastry shops.

Kunafet is typically made by layering the shredded phyllo dough in a pan and topping it with a filling of choice, such as cheese or nuts. The dessert is then baked on the specail Kunafet Oven until it is golden brown and crisp. Kunafet is typically served warm and is often garnished with ground pistachios for added flavor and texture. It is a rich and indulgent dessert that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.


 The KN-7B Kunafet Oven: 

  • 6 Small Individual Plates 6.5" and 1 Large 15.5" Plate.
  • Automatic Rotation of the Kunafet Plates over the flame.
  • Individual Controls for each gas burner.
  • Electrical Motor - 220V Single Phase. 
  • Gas Operation – Natural Gas.
  • Easy to Operate.


Technical Data:

  • Dimensions:  60" Length X 24" Width x 11" Height.
  • 6 Small Burners and 1 Large Burner.
  • Natural Gas
  • 220V Single Phase 6-20P Plug.
  • Built to NSF/ANSI Standard 4
  • Optional Table 34" Height - NSF Certified.