Parsley Machine - Cilantro Machine - Tabbouleh Machine

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120.00 LBS


$180.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Spinning Grillers  Parsley Machine

Parsley Machine - Cilantro Machine -  Tabbouleh Machine- ParsleyMatic

This parsley machine chops parsley in seconds.  This belt driven parsley chopper can be used to make thin chopped parsley for Tabbouleh salad or course for Fattoush Salad.  You can also use the ParsleyMatic to slice cilantro, scallions, lettuce for a Cesar Salad and anything in between.  Save time and labor costs by using this machine to produce hand chopped parsley, cilantro, scallions, and lettuce in minutes. 


Technical Data

  • Motor 1 HP - 750 Watts
  • Length 35" inches, x Width 17" inches, x Height 30" inches. 
  • 110V-60Hrtz 15 Amps
  • U.S. Plug UL Listed.
  • Unit Weight 120 lbs
  • One Year Parts Warranty.

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