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Shawarma Machine / Gyro Machines and Vertical Broilers

Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish consisting of marinated and well seasoned meat including: chicken, beef and lamb. The meat is cooked on a vertical pole with side burners known as a shawarma machine and served sandwich style on pita bread with condiments such as tahini sauce, tomatoes, pickles and onions. Shawarma is a popular street food in the Middle East and gained large popularity in the United States in recent years.

The most Important part about the shawarma dish is the cooking process in which the vertical oven slowly cooks the meat while it turns clockwise or counterclockwise, as the meat cooks, it is slowly shaved. This method of cooking leaves the meat succulent and full of flavors. Shawarma machine is an absolute essential and the most important part about making the dish.

At Spinning Grillers we have a large selection of shawarma machines to choose what fit your restaurant and your needs. These machines are made for heavy duty use and high production, also flexible to make other dishes as well such as Gyro and Taco al pastor by providing the right heat to cook the meat.

Spinning Grillers Shawarma machines are made to last and compare to other products on the web, it has been tested to ensure customer satisfaction. Restaurant high volume production calls for top notch quality equipment for guaranteed success and getting your money worth.

Gyro Machines and Vertical Broilers

Vertical Broilers Are Perfect for Making Pitas, Gyros, Tacos al Pastor, and More


Currently Spinning Grillers have added seven New Shawarma Machines to their existing selection to enhance customer satisfaction. Those machines have some important collective quality that will guide chefs to create authentic and flavorful dishes. Those qualities includes:

  • Different sizes to choose what fits your restaurant. Depends on the establishment production volume.
  • Solid machine built for excessive and heavy restaurant use.
  • The machine motor is located in a way to avoid the grease drip and reduce motor damage.
  • Independent and separately controlled burner that is designed to choose and control the meat cooking process. This helps control how fast and how slow to cook the meat.
  • Choice of energy control and power savors.
  • Easy cleaning to fresh and hygienic use every time.

At Spinning Grillers we work on serving customers with our finest equipment to upgrade your establishment and to create authentic Dishes. Choosing an equipment for your restaurant is a very big decision, we are here to guarantee quality and long lasting equipment keeping in mind important functions in each machine to ensure easy use and long term success.