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    Shawarma Charcoal & GAS Grill– UL/NSF Certified

    Introducing the ultimate Shawarma cooking machine - the Horizontal Shawarma Machine by Spinning Grillers! This top-of-the-line grill is powered by gas and boasts a unique combination of Charcoal/Wood that infuses a smoky flavor into your shawarma. Its...

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Bring the authentic Middle Eastern flavor to your restaurant with our Shawarma machines. At Spinning Grillers we built quality Shawarma Grills. We start by using the best components that have been tested rigorously for optimum performance. Spinning Grillers provide you with the necessary heat to cook traditional gyros, shawarma, tacos al pastor and doner kebab. Our Shawarma Machine will provide you with a long lasting product while not breaking the bank.

Explore our collection of vertical broilers, if you cannot find the one you need please contact us and we can built it for you. Spinning Grillers Shawarma Machines not only cook gyro meat but they can cook beef shawarma, chicken shawarma, lamb shawarma, doner kebab and tacos al pastor. It is a versatile grill that will provide you with the look of the traditional shawarma machine seen in the Middle East, ideal for commercial use.