27th Dec 2017

Basic Tutorial on How to Prepare Shawarma Spit

How to build a Shawarma Spit by Spinning Grillers!

Thank you for watching our Spinning Grillers Channel. We are one stop shop for all your Shawarma needs. We carry Shawarma Machines, Shawarma preparation stands, shawarma knives both manual and electric as well as catch pans.

Today we will guide you through a basic tutorial on how to prepare your shawarma spit. This technique can be used for both chicken Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, Tacos al Pastor, Gyro etc. Again this is a simple tutorial meant to be for home use. For an advanced shawarma restaurant tutorial please check our Professional Shawarma Preparation video.

It is a good idea to have a stand in order for your shawarma spit to sit securely in. Visit www.spinninggrillers.com for a full list of stands. You also need a pan or tray in order for the drippings to fall in.

Start by inserting few larger pieces of chicken through the spit. You want to make sure you are building your shawarma base very evenly. Once the base has been secure you can start building up the tower. It is important to keep your shawarma meat balanced. Here is a quick technique that will help you out in the preparation of your chicken shawarma. After few layers of meat placed on the base and yo have securely established the foundation start by getting four even pieces of chicken. Commence by placing two pieces parallel to each other (not going through the spit). Turn the spit 90 degrees and place the other two pieces parallel to each. Finally proceed by putting a large piece of chicken through the spit in order to secure the four laced pieces.

Once your shawarma tower has been built to the desired height, you can use a sharp knife to cut off any extra pieces. Also this is a good time to trim the shape of the shawarma cone. Gather all these trimmings and place them on top of the meat tower and secure them by a large piece of chicken and push down on the meat.

I hope this video has been useful to providing you with a basic tutorial on how to prepare your shawarma meat to grill on your shawarma machine. For a full line of Shawarma Machines please visit our website www.SpinningGrillers.com