2nd Jan 2019

What is a contemporary Kibbeh?

What is a contemporary Kibbeh?


The Secret to Making Shawarma- This video shows you how to stack the meat to make the perfect Shawarma cone. To make the best Beef Shawarma start by buying the best ingredients, always fresh non-frozen. Slice the shawarma meat very thin, you can use a slicer. Commercial restaurants use lots of spices and the reason behind that is the cost of the meat. They rely on a cheaper cut of meat and hope that the spices will dominate. In this video, we wanted to use the best of the best.

After slicing the meat, we only used sea salt and ground black pepper and that is all she wrote. The process is simple but comes with practice. Use a rotating stand like the one used here from Spinning Grillers. Start layering your meat and make sure you tuck in the excess flap of meat. Keep on building your Shawarma tower. Every few 4 inches add fresh garlic and some fresh Thyme as seen in the video. Once your tower is about 6 inches trim all the access meat and pile it on top of the Shawarma tower. Then proceed by adding more slices of meat. Finally, do a final trim and you are ready to cook.

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What is a contemporary Kibbeh? How did it come about?

The traditional Kibbeh is made with meat, onions and cracked wheat. The meat is the filling and the crack wheat is the shell. I compare it to a Mexican Enchilada where you have the shell and the stuffing. Traditionally the filling is made from either ground beef or ground lamb or a mixture of both. The ground meat is combined with onions and Middle Eastern Spices. Then this mixture is carefully spooned into an egg-shaped dough (which is made from cracked wheat) then fried.

Contemporary Kibbeh is the latest trend in vegetarian cooking. The Kibbeh’s shape is the same as the traditional Kibbeh. But the stuffing ingredients are different. The Kibbeh dough is the same for all kinds of contemporary as well as traditional kibbeh.

Some examples ofcontemporary Kibbeh:

Pumpkin kibbeh stuffed with chickpeas, spinach, and pine nuts. The outside is pumpkin and cracked wheat. The variations are many but as mentioned before the outside is always made from cracked wheat. Other types of kibbeh may be shaped into balls or patties, and baked, cooked in broth, or served raw.

This process of making Kibbeh is time-consuming. Spinning Grillers® is developing a Kibbeh machine that will make this process easy and fast for restaurant owners.