14th Aug 2018

Difference between Doner Kebab, Gyro, and Shawarma

Difference between Doner, Gyro and Shawarma

  • Doner

    Doner Kebab is a traditional Turkish dish. It is served inside a pide bread ( similar to a pita bread but thicker in texture). Traditionally the meat is strips of lamb and beef marinated in Turkish spices. It is complimented by slices of tomatoes, onions, lettuce and a special Turkish dressing. Doner Kebab is then roasted on a vertical rotisserie like the Spinning Grillers Doner Kebab Machine.

  • Gyro

    Gyro is a traditional Greek dish. It is made similar in nature to the Doner Kebab. Gyro is traditionally ground lamb and beef marinated in Greek spices. Raw white onions are usually part of the marinade . It is cooked on the vertical broiler like the Spinning Grillers Gyro Machine. Similar to its Turkish cousin, it is served inside a greek bread and topped with taziki sauce ( yogurt, cucumber and dill).

  • Shawarma

    Shawarma is a traditional street food that can be found all over the Middle East as well as the rest of the world. Traditionally Shawarma is made of beef. Beef Shawarma is marinated overnight in traditional Middle Eastern Spices. You can use as little as 5 spices or as many as 15 spices to enhance the flavor. The raw beef is layered onto the spit and cooked on the vertical broiler Shawarma Machine. The Shawarma is served in a Pita bread with Hummus, Middle Eastern salad and tahini sauce.