5th Oct 2020

Falafel Balls Ingredients, Methods, and Machines

Falafel Balls Ingredients, Methods and Machines by Spinning Grillers

Falafel Balls

Falafel is a Middle Eastern staple dish and very popular street food. known in all Arabic countries and recently around the world. Falafel is vegan balls made out of chickpeas, fava beans, spices, parsley or coriander. Falafel gained its popularity because of the amazing flavors, fluffy texture and all the health benefits including fiber and lots of vitamins.

The main ingredient in falafel is chickpeas but depends on the Arabic region or the family  recipe, Fava beans are usually added in. The amount of fava beans is about ½ the amount of chickpeas.

The making of these vegetarian heavenly balls goes through several processes beginning 24 hours prior by soaking the Raw chickpeas and the Raw fava beans. The grains are soaked separately in cold water. The soaking will soften the grains to ease the process of grinding them into a paste and which also helps to absorb the added seasoning and ingredients.

After 24 hours, the chickpeas and the fava beans get drained and together make their way to the falafel machine for grinding.

The measurement for the perfect well seasoned Falafel Balls Recipe goes as the following: For every 4 cups of chickpeas, 2 cups of fava beans and 1 bunch of parsley (or cilantro), 2 cloves of garlic, season with salt and 2 tbsp of cumin.

The Spinning Grillers Falafel machine does all of the work to get the perfect fluffy falafel. Once all ingredients combined and well-seasoned it goes into the Spinning Grillers Falafel blender or  food processor to make the ingredients into a paste.

AutoFalafel Machine

AutoFalafel Machine: This Falafel machine is designed to make the process way easier and efficient. Once the paste is done, you can place the Falafel Mix into the AutoFalafel® which shapes the balls and drop them in the fryer. With Spinning Grillers AutoFalafel Falafel machine you can make 120 falafel balls per minute, you can adjust and choose how many falafel balls you need at a given time. Along this amazing quality, the machine has another important feature to make the process of making this traditional dish super easy, where it can be mounted nearby any commercial fryer you have in your commercial kitchen to make the task even easier after the shaping, the balls immediately can go into the fryer.

The falafel balls need about 5 minutes until golden and brown and usually served hot. Addition to all the great qualities, the cleaning of Spinning Grillers Automatic Falafel machine (AutoFalafel®) is super easy due to the quality stainless steel parts that are effortless to be removed and cleaned.

Falafel Scoop Maker

Falafel Scoop Maker: There is also another way to make falafel which is manually that many traditional chefs would prefer. This manual process follows the almost same pattern from soaking the beans, adding the needed spices and followed by grinding of the mixture to make it into a paste. Now manually using a falafel scoop to shape the falafel balls into perfect size and shape. 

Spinning Grillers have several options for  falafel scoop maker that differ in size but all possess a great quality to create the perfectly falafel ball. The scoops are made from quality stainless steel, have an anti_ slip handle and are super efficient to take apart for cleaning. Choosing a Falafel scoop to shape your Falafel is a personal preference to create the crafty falafel ball.

To serve Falafel balls it can either be on a platter with hummus, tahini sauce, pickles, fresh mint, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber or served sandwiches style with the same ingredients but on warm pita bread.

This beloved dish is full of fresh ingredients and great flavors. And now with Spinning griller falafel machine making it is easier than ever. This machine is designed to ensure quality, efficiency and great results every time.