2nd Jan 2018

Make the Perfect Hummus 40lbs with Hummus Machine

Hummus Machine! Make the Perfect Hummus 40lbs Capacity.

Are you looking to make the perfect Hummus? Is your machine not strong enough to make the perfect thick and creamy Hummus.? These are many questions that face small Middle Eastern Restaurants in making Hummus today. Small food processors work good if you are making small batches or making Hummus to order but if you are per-making Hummus for the day you need a reliable Hummus Machine that will make a big batch to last you the day. The solution is the Spinning Grillers 40lbs Hummus Machine. This Hummus Maker by Spinning Grillers is build tough to tackle your strongest job. It is powered by a 3- phase motor than has variable speed. Your Hummus will be blend smooth in less than 60 seconds. At SpinningGrillers.com we offer three sizes of Hummus Makers. Visit our website at www.SpinningGrillers.com for full Hummus Machine Specs and sizes.

Quick Tips for Making the Perfect Hummus

Use good quality Chickpeas- Chickpeas have a long shelve life but they still have an expiration date so make sure you buy a batch that are fresh.

Once the Chickpeas have been boiled, let them cool down, then blend them without adding any ingredients and place them in your fridge to cool.

After the it cools down put the chickpeas back in your Hummus Blender add Ice, Tahini, Lemon Juice or Citric Acid, salt, you can also choose to add some Yogurt and blend.

If you need to make the Hummus thicker add more chickpeas at that point and it will thicken up.

I hope this tips in Hummus Making are useful.