27th Feb 2018

Production Capacity of SG Pita Bread & Naan Oven

Pita Bread Oven - Naan Oven by Spinning Grillers- Large Capacity - خط خبز عربي

Pita Oven, Naan Bread Oven, this is the large SG-Pita48 rotary oven. This oven is UL/NSF Certified. It works on Natural Gas. Pita48 can produce about 40 pita bread per minute or 2400 per hour. For large break, it makes less a minute.

This Pita Bread Oven or Naan Bread Oven or Tandoor has an extra large capacity. The Cooking space of this Sg-Pita48 is 48 inches diameter steel disk that is Teflon coated for a non- stick surface. For more information about our PitaOven or Pita bread Oven please visit our website. Pita Oven SG-PITA48 by Spinning Grillers
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