18th Aug 2020

Pita Oven Conveyor Line Commercial Belt

Pita Oven Conveyor Line by Spinning Grillers | Commercial Belt for Pita Bread

Pita Oven Conveyor production line by Spinning Grillers. Full line of Pita Bread Ovens both conveyor and rotating ovens. Pita Oven By Spinning Grillers built to order.

We specialize in conveyor ovens not only for Pita Bread but for Flat Bread, Iraqi Tanoor, Taboon bread in a variety of sizes. We can make any size you may desire, Call Us Now at Toll-Free 914-347-3178.

Small Size will start with 6 ft Long Oven by 3 ft Wide made from 304 Stainless Steel -

  • 4 Top Burners with Safety Thermocouple
  • 2 Bottom Burners
  • 9” Large Conveyor Belt plates
  • Total BTU 190, 000 BTU
  • All Gas Components are CSA Certified
  • NSF Certification is available