2nd May 2017

What’s Trending? Middle-Eastern Restaurant Kitchen

What’s Trending? Middle Eastern Restaurant Equipment

“Have you ever tried shawarma?” Tony Stark/Iron Man asks on the big screen in Marvel’s The Avengers. “There’s a shawarma joint about two blocks from here.” Then he admits something many of the moviegoers are thinking. “I don’t know what it is, but I wanna try it.”

Sometimes, all it takes to popularize something is the mention of it in a movie. When the movie is a blockbuster, well... that’s even better. People who have never heard of shawarma are suddenly curious about it.

Then they spot a shawarma machine spinning a huge cylinder of meat and they say, “Ahh, that’s what Iron Man was talking about it. I have to try some.” And they’re hooked.

One of the hottest restaurant trends of 2017 is the fast casual restaurant, a step up from traditional fast food joints. With more and more fast casual places opening, restaurant owners have to keep up with or, better yet, stay ahead of the competition.

One of the best ways to do this is by studying eating trends in today’s market. Savvy diners demand good food as well as fast and dependable service. Outdated restaurant equipment just won’t do. Either satisfy your patrons, or lose them. It’s as simple as that.

International cuisine is trending as well. Diners are craving new tastes and are moving away from the staples of burgers and fries. If Iron Man had suggested checking out the new burger joint, viewers wouldn’t have thought twice about it. But a shawarma joint? Now that’s rousing their curiosity.

And it’s making you think, isn’t it?

If you already have a fast casual restaurant, or you’re thinking about opening one, consider the advantage of riding this wave of consumer demand. They want shawarma. But, like I said, they also want fast and dependable service. Are you ready to offer that? Are you prepared to handle the hurried lunch crowd? The only way to compete with the Middle East fast casual restaurants that are cropping up all across the country is to offer the freshest food in the shortest time.

Start off by choosing a shawarma machine in a size that best fits your restaurant. You want it to not only perform great, but to look great, too, with a modern and practical design. The shawarma machine has to cook meat to a perfect temperature. When patron traffic is down, you’ll want to slow cook the meat. But when that lunch crowd arrives, you’ll need a vertical broiler designed to feed the masses. What does that mean? It means you’ll want to purchase a shawarma machine with maneuverable burners so you can slide the burners closer to the meat in order to cook it faster and then push them away for slower cooking.

Carving the shawarma is an art that your customers enjoy watching. So make sure you choose a shawarma knife specifically designed for that purpose.

The most common way to serve shawarma is wrapped in pita bread. That, too, requires the right equipment. If you’re already making bread with outdated equipment, it’s time to upgrade. Dough Rollers are designed to shape the size of a pita bread so you can have 6” or 8” pitas, or even a large flat bread of 16”. The SpinningGrillers Pita Oven delivers piping hot breads and the appetizing aroma will permeate the air for consumers to enjoy.

Pita bread isn’t the only bread diners of shawarma crave. Many are looking for the best Saj bread around. Only you can figure out what recipe delivers the tastiest bread, but don’t neglect using the best equipment for baking it. Choosing the right Saj machine, such as the Saj Bread/Laffa Bread/Taboon Bread Maker by SpinningGrillers.com, is vital.

No Middle Eastern meal is complete without a tantalizing taste of silky smooth hummus. The right hummus blender, such as the small, medium, or large Hummus Machine available at SpinningGrillers.com will produce hummus with the perfect texture. Leave the texture to the machine and the flavor to your own unique recipe.

Fast casual… it’s a top trend in 2017. Make sure you keep up-to-date on the Middle Eastern restaurant equipment trends as well. By using the best equipment, you’ll be ahead of the game with the right shawarma machine, shawarma knife, dough roller, pita oven, Saj machine, and hummus blender.

The Avengers rolled credits and then showed their super heroes seated around a table enjoying some shawarma. Could there be a better endorsement? Hop aboard. It’s trending.