Kebab Char Broilers & Griddles

  • Stainless Steel Wood Fired Grill

    Spinning Grillers

    Stainless Steel Wood Fired Grill (Wood/Charcoal) Santa Maria Grill

    Stainless Steel Santa Maria Style Wood Fired Grill Built from tough 304 Stainless Steel, this heavy duty Santa Maria Style BBQ is great for outdoor cooking as well as restaurant use. The walls are lined up with heavy duty fire brick as well as...

  • Multi Contact Panini Sandwich Grill with Grooved

    Spinning Grillers

    Shawarma Sandwich Press- Panini Sandwich Grill

    Spinning Grillers SG4225 - SHawarma Sandwich Press This SG4225 14" x 10"  Shawarma Sandwich Press- makes delicious sandwiches, fish, chicken breasts, burgers and more with tantalizing grill marks! This unit packs 1800W of heating power in a...

  • Manual Kebab®- Kufta Kebab Maker

    Spinning Grillers

    Manual Kebab®- Kufta Kebab Maker by Spinning Grillers

    Manual Kebab Maker is a nice machine to have in your arsenal. It is very simple to use, anyone can use to make great looking kebabs. The Manual Kebab maker gives you consistency and saves you time. Advantages: Easy to use- no need for a specialty...

  • Flat Top Small- Counter top flat top3

    Spinning Grillers

    Compact Griddle

    This space saver electric counter top griddle features a 16 3/4 " x 20 3/4" grilling surface, making it perfect for grilling eggs, hamburgers, fish, chicken, and vegetables in locations with space limitations. It has an adjustable...

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  • Charcoal Rotisserie Kebab Grill 10 Skewers

    Spinning Grillers

    Charcoal Rotisserie Kebab Grill 10 Skewers

    Upgrade your kebab cooking experience with the ultimate Horizontal Charcoal Kebab Grill by Spinning Grillers! Featuring a fully insulated and fire brick lined chamber, this grill operates on Charcoal and/or Wood to deliver a smoky flavor that your taste...

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  • Char Broilers Charbroiler Small

    Spinning Grillers

    Char Broilers Charbroiler Small SG4212 14" Compact

    Charbroiler SG4212 - Small 14" Heavy-duty radiant gas char broiler is the perfect solution for keeping up with orders of your tantalizing burgers, steaks, and other high demand foods during even your busiest hours! 6 high-power burners boast an...

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  • Gas Char Broiler - Spinning Grillers  - 1

    Spinning Grillers

    Char Broiler Charbroiler SG4241 Large 36"

    Charbroiler SG4241 - Large 36" Create delicious burgers, chicken, and more in no time with the Spinning Grillers SG4241 natural gas heavy duty 36" counter-top charbroiler! This charbroiler features a 36" wide cooking area with durable cast iron burners...

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