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New 2020 Pita Oven Small 30"- PitaOven- Pita Bread, Tortilla, Naan Bread Oven- Natural Gas- Generation V 2020 - NEW

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Pita Oven- PitaOven- Pita Bread, Tortilla, Naan Bread4

Pita Oven - Tortilla Oven- Naan Bread Oven- Tabbon Bread Maker - Natural Gas



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  • NSF/ANSI Standard 4

How can you save both time and money while expanding your restaurant marketability? Restaurants like Outback Steakhouse®, Panera Bread®, and Subway® already know the answer. All you need is a cost efficient way to offer fresh baked bread. That’s right! Offering freshly baked bread on the premises has a proven track record in the restaurant industry. It’s one way restaurants offer their freshness appeal.


Built from commercial grade stainless steel, the PitaOven delivers intense head for an all around even bake through the use of several burners. Infra red burners heat from the top while a steady jet burner heats on the bottom of the plate, resulting in puffy golden brown pita bread. This is the same technology used in the shawarma machines and performs with perfection as a pita oven.


Ordering a pita oven from Spinning Grillers ensures that your pita bread will be the talk of the town as the heavy duty steel plate baking surface rotates around the circumference of the pita oven in the same way common to traditional pita bakeries all over the Middle East. PLUS, the PitaOven not only bakes delicious pita bread to perfection, but, due to being able to adjust the speed and temperature of the oven, you can also make Naan bread, Roti, Tandoori bread, and Mexican tortillas. It even bakes Zatar pies and pizza!


Can’t you just smell it now… that rich aroma that can only fill a kitchen when bread is being baked? Ahh… freshly baked pita bread from the top of the line PitaOven. That’s the way to expand your restaurant marketability. And it will save you time and money in the process. It’s the pita oven you need now!


Features & Benefits

  • Pita Oven is designed for commercial use. It operates on Natural Gas.
  • New Sleek look for 2019 with a preparation table built in.
  • Easy Access to all parts with the new design.
  • Made from High Grade 304 Stainless Steel construction.
  • 3 Separate Heat Control.
  • Adjustable Turn Table Speed.
  • Comes complete with preparation table.
  • Adjustable height.
  • On casters thus can be moved easily.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Health Department Approved UL, NSF/ANSI Standard 4 Certified


  • Model: PITA OVEN PITA30 G. IV
  • One large U shaped stainless steel bottom burner.
  • Two powerful infrared top burners. Total of 70,000 BTU's.
  • German Mesh Stainless Steel Burners- Long Life Maintenance Free
  • 30" large turntable. Disk diameter is 30 inches.
  • Adjustable speed 1TPM- 4TPM.
  • 39 1/3" Width 37 1/3"  Depth x 51” Height.
  • Legs can be removed to fit on top of a counter.
  • Natural Gas 3/4" pipe ready.  Professional installation required.
  • UL, NSF/ANSI Standard 4 Certified
  • CE internal approved parts.
  • One Year Limited Parts.
  • Fully Assembled!


Production Capacity

  • 10- 6 inch Pita per minute a total of 600 Pitas per hour (applies the same to Naan).
  • 6 - 8 inch Pita each per minute a total of 360 Pitas per hour (applies the same to Naan).


  • Triple insulation.
  • Automatic Electric Igniters (New)
  • Improved Thermcouple and Pilot Assembly.
  • New Heavy Duty Burners. 
  • German Mesh Stainless Steel Burners- Long Life Maintenance Free
  • New Powerful Motor with all metal gears.
  • New Speed Control Motor
  • UL, NSF/ANSI Standard 4 Certified


1 Year Warranty