Shawarma Knife & Meat Slicers

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Spinning Griller’s Shawarma Knife® is the top choice among many Middle Eastern Restaurants. They are popular throughout the US and worldwide. Shawarma Knife is a chief’s top pick for for cutting shawarma, gyro, doner kebab and tacos al pastor meat. Designed for professional use, the electric Shawarma Knife® is made from high quality stainless steel and widely used in high volume restaurants and street fairs where speed is essential. Designed to stay sharp and cut consistently, our shawarma knives are durable, easy to use, and built to maximize value for your operation.

Not only do we provide electrical shawarma knife but we do sell the a manual Shawarma Knife for cutting the meat.

At Spinning Grillers we do offer a full selection of Shawarma Knife spare parts. Our service department can help you with parts and can answer any questions retaining to your knife.