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Shawarma Raw Meat Slicer

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320.00 LBS


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Shawarma Raw Meat Slicer

Expected release date is 30th Nov 2023

Meat Sheeter/ Meat Slicer for Shawarma and Tacos al Pastor.

This slicer by Spinning Grillers is deal for Shawarma operation shop as well as Taco al Pastor Tacoria. It is ideal for slicing beef, lamb and Pork. This unit is heavy duty slicer designed for preparing the shawarma every day or operating a meat factory.


Stainless Steel - All components are made from 430 stainless steel to meet the NSF guidelines.

Compact Design - This slicer is compact so that you can fit it into your small business more easily! It has wheels which makes it convince to move for cleaning.

Stainless Steel Blade - The stainless-steel blade is designed to resist corrosion and maintain a sharp edge for slicing.

Quite Operation - The machine is built to produce a low noise. It also has a foot pedal for hands-free operation.

Adjustable Slice Size - The cut thickness is easily adjustable from 0.5mm to 6mm.


Measurements: 30"x30"x35"H

Weight : 320lbs

Blade Width: 17"