Making of Naan Bread using Pita Oven | Testing on Frozen Naan Dough

In this video, we will show you how to make Naan Bread using Spinning Grillers commercial restaurant kitchen cooking equipment - Pita Oven: Large 48" and Small 30". So, for the very first time, we are going to test with frozen Naan Dough. We have followed the instructions on the bag. The Dough was stored overnight in the refrigerator and then put outside to get the room temperature.

Now the oven is ready and the dough too. It's nice and rolls easy, we already rolled some and now it's time to place them on the pita. The naans will be ready in 3 turns and if you want a more crispy one give it another round. Look how soft and appetizing they are looking.

The Pita oven has top and bottom German Mesh burners to evenly bake the naan. You can also adjust the turntable speed. The oven is UL, NSF/ANSI Standard 4 Certified with CE internal approved parts.

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