• Spinning Grillers 4 Burner Counter Top Hot Plate

    Spinning Grillers

    Spinning Grillers 4 Burner Counter Top Hot Plate / Range Natural

    4 Burner Counter Top Hot Plate The SG4226 four burner counter top gas hot plate /range is ideal for preparing sauces, stews, and a variety of other foods quickly and easily! Its compact size makes it especially suitable for coffee shops, shawarma shops,...

  • Shawarma Knife

    Spinning Grillers

    Smooth Blade 4.5"

    4.5 inch Smooth Blade for Shawarma Knife This is a saw blade is performs good in cutting both touch and softer pieces of meat such as Chicken Shawarma, Gyro, Doner. German Stainless Steel Smooth Blade 4.5 " in Diameter Fits Shawarma Knife SG500EK

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  • Small Extra Disk - 6" for Base of Skewer

    Spinning Grillers

    Small Extra Disk - 6" for Base of Skewer

    This is an extra disk 6" in diameter for Shawarma Machines.  This spit will only work with Spinning Grillers Shawarma Machines and will not work with any other manufacturer.  Includes: One Disk Size: 6" Diameter for 1/2" square spit Fits...

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  • Shawarma Spit Top Pin

    Spinning Grillers

    Shawarma Spit Top Pin

    Replacement Top Spit Pin for the following Shawarma Machines: SGN2-CO2 SGN4-CO3 SGN4-C3 SGN4-C33 SGN6-C4 SGN6-C44 SGN6-C5 SGN6-C55 This kit includes: One Spit Top Pin / Qty 1

  • Multi Contact Panini Sandwich Grill with Grooved

    Spinning Grillers

    Shawarma Sandwich Press- Panini Sandwich Grill

    Commercial Panini Press Grills This SG4225 14" x 10"  Shawarma Sandwich Press- makes delicious sandwiches, fish, chicken breasts, burgers and more with tantalizing grill marks! This unit packs 1800W of heating power in a compact, low profile...

  • Shawarma Raw Meat Slicer

    Spinning Grillers

    Shawarma Raw Meat Slicer

    About Shawarma Meat Slicer This slicer by Spinning Grillers is a deal for the Shawarma operation shop as well as Taco al Pastor Tacoria. It is ideal for slicing beef, lamb, and Pork. This unit is heavy-duty slicer designed for preparing shawarma every...

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  • Shawarma Meat Warmer Drawer - Full Size

    Spinning Grillers

    Shawarma Meat Warmer Drawer - Full Size

    Shawarma Meat Warmer Drawer Keep your shawarma meat, sides and entrees hot and ready to serve with the freestanding Spinning Grillers Drawer Warmer! This warmer features 2000W of heating power and a single drawer that accommodates full size 12" x 20" x...

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